Project At Virtusa

The project I got was SLG-CGR which means Sri Lankan Govrenment Commissioner General of Rehabilitation. When I was attended the project team some works had been already completed. Yet there was a lot of new things and new technologies to learn.

The software development platform was .Net. The application was written in C#. We used MS Sql server as the database, which was easy to integrate with the Visual Studio 2008.

The requirement gathering and implementation is not an easy task. To gather requirements and log them we use user stories. To track all the work done by each member of the team we use excel sheets with a defined template.

We were able to directly work with senior managers on that project. The project managers were Chamindra De Silva who is the director of Sahana project (disaster management system) and Major DenverDeZylva.

On 23-03-2010 I got a chance to go to Vaunia for the first time in my life. It was a marvelous experience for me. We went to Pompemadu Camp which was beyond the Vaunia town. In the following week also we went there as the Virtusa was opening a lab there for the rehabilitees. Sri Lankan president Mahinda Rajapaksha came to open the lab and to release 1300+ rehabilitees.

I together with four more Colleagues and three people from UCSC are currently working on the project - Rehabilitee Information Management System.

Hasitha Hiranya

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